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11 August 2012


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What does "triggering" mean in this context?


Ah, sorry. "Triggering" means "liable to cause persons with certain kinds of trauma in their past to experience flashbacks or other types of post-traumatic discomforts."

As in "after surviving a sexual assault, she avoids watching crime dramas because they often contain triggering elements.


Thanks. I was vacillating between that explanation and some weird "near-occasion-of-sin" one where the person reading would decide to try the same creepy techniques for himself. Anyway. Thanks for the clarity!


Interesting posts. I keeping thinking about the points about people who lack social skills. Still mulling it over. On the one hand I do agree with Sclazi that the responsibility is with the person who is transgressing boundaries and not with the person whose boundaries are transgressed. I do think that they need to try as much as possible to attempt to meet expectations. At the same time, I have spent so much time being the person who cares for the person who is on the Asperger's spectrum. I have often found myself trying to interpret the lack of social skills to others and trying to communicate what the social expectations are to someone who is just baffled at why others react the way they do to her best efforts to interact. It is heartbreaking and I do wish that the world in general had more understanding and empathy for those individuals to whom social interaction is a mystery.

I'm always befuddled when I come across a term like "triggering". I figured out what it meant from the context fairly easily; but I was puzzled by the fact that it seemed to be used by everyone as if they assumed everyone knew what it meant and yet clearly from my reaction and Jenny's the term is not actually in as wide a circulation as the blogger and commenter's use of it would seem to suggest.

I stumbled across another term like that in this discussion that has come to my attention several times in various internet venues in recent weeks. My first reaction when I saw someone mention something as being indicative of "Rape Culture" was befuddlement. Then I felt some push back against what was clearly a concept arising from feminist academia. I have a general suspicion of feminist academia and also I don't like it when jargon is used to assert a controversial paradigm that isn't explained, just assumed. Then again I followed a couple of links to discussions about what "rape culture" consists of and my mind began boggling as I couldn't believe the kinds of behavior that men and women routinely excused. If people are giving each other passes for this sort of behavior, then maybe there is some truth to the idea of there being a "rape culture". Sorry that's really getting way off onto another tangent but it was something that came up in the discussion threads.

One other thing... this blog post at Pentimento today seemed to feed directly into the Scalzi discussion about personal responsibility.

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