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23 August 2012


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Christy P.

Thanks, now I have a new blog to read.

I totally agree about food waste. Proud to be indoctrinating my kids into the eat what you take or save it properly for later lifestyle. Z is carrying the same partially-eaten carrot to school again today of her own accord. Although I have to say that I'm totally ok with composting veggies, particularly ones from my own garden with the notion that I will eat them eventually, just not on this iteration of their life wheel.


Agree with you that compost isn't wasted, but if you have to put compost in your truck to drive it to a friend's house because you ran out of room in your own garden, you still have a problem.

I guess you could tow the extra compost around in a bike trailer.

Christy P.

Ours is transported only by feet and wheelbarrow from the backyard to the garden. I still want to vermicompost, but I haven't mustered the activation energy yet.


As a Bearing friend who works in a state program that recently quantified restaurant waste: 50-80% of non-chain restaurant waste is compostable food waste. They actually save money by running compost bins in our area, although they have to also just want to do it because it isn't a lot of savings.

And no I am not missing the main point - we would be transporting a lot less food to our grocery stores and restaurants and homes if it wasn't wasted, and this impact is much greater than transportation. It just isn't all directly in consumer control.


Food waste will never get as much attention as the buy local movement, probably because no one can sell you very much to give you the illusion that you are doing something about food waste. Maybe a compost bin or some food storage bags.

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