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22 August 2012


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Emancipation, hmmm, it strikes me that there are degrees of emancipation. The process is not complete until the child has lived on their own for a period of time, the length of which depends on personality and situation. I would say "launching" has to occur before full emancipation can be reached. As with so much in life, it is a process. We encourage as much independence as possible while they are still living with us, but, in a loving home, a kid always knows his parents have his back. Once they move out (and I don't mean living at college), they know the safety net is still there, but it is much farther away (and requires a phone call!). I base this on my experiences with two children who have been launched (one fully emancipated, the other almost there) and a third who will be launching in another year or so.

I think the obedience aspect of this can make the parental boundaries of the teen years feel confining for some kids. They naturally want to be more emancipated than they actually are while still enjoying the security of the nest.


Jeanie, I'm really grateful for the perspective that mothers of launched and launching offspring can bring to this one. I don't have any perspective on this yet from the point of view of a parent.

(As a former child, I do, of course, but I don't know how much my experience applies in such a different economic situation from the one I found myself in).


I am looking forward to reading the posts with all the stuff about Church teachings, I just haven't had time to read them through. I will comment when I can find the time to read, though.

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