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25 August 2012


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See, this is the sort of thing that I had in mind when I mentioned trade school a few posts back. My brother never had any inclination to college. He took classes at our trade school and when he graduated from high school he already had basic welder certification and started a factory job at $10/hr with no debt. Factory jobs come with good benefits, and one of those was tuition reimbursement, so four years later he had an associates degree and master welder certification and was making $30/hr with no debt. Four years after that he had saved up enough to have a custom built home on his own land at an age where most people are finishing up a master's degree and just starting to look at career and loan repayment.

I have to ask myself--what is more middle class? Having a college degree and a massive amount of debt or having a "lowly" trade job which commands a good salary and no debt?

Of course, there's still the scholarship option. Academic scholarships are almost not given in the ivy leagues (how do you choose between hundreds of valedictorians?), and are competitive at the best state schools, but if you don't mind going to the 2nd tier state schools, they will often give generous scholarships to attract good students.


You are getting ahead of me, Kelly. I was going to do a whole post about welding :)


I'm looking forward to it! But now you have to give me all the credit! ;)


Not to sound complete down on the Boomers, but on the whole I think we would be better off listening to our grandparents (if they are still around) than our parents...


Although even our grandparents generation would probably still have an unrealistic view of the current situation with college. For example, our former pastor, who just celebrated his 75th birthday and is therefore in the grandparent age range, paid his way through Boston College with a summer job back in the day. Now the tuition at Boston College is such that there is no way you could do that.

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