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20 August 2012


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I'm really looking forward to this series. My thoughts as I typed them out felt so nebulous and ill-stated. What I love so much about the way you tackle questions like this is your very methodical and thorough approach. I'm guessing that as usual you will help to crystallize much of my own thinking. Not necessarily shift my position but help to make it much more well-defined.


I hope so, because mine are in dire need of crystallization as well.


Already I'm finding the comments have been helpful in at least making it clearer to me what it is that makes me feel I'm in such a muddle. It really is that tension between two goods: the utilitarian good of long-term financial stability and the human good of a well-formed intellect. While there has been a general decline in the ability of the university to provide the second due to the cultural emphasis on utilitarianism and the corrupting influence of relativism on the intellectual life in academia, I still think it is possible to carve out a university education in the classical sense, as training in an intellectual discipline. I'm really curious to hear your views on the subject since you come from an educational background that is much more pragmatic and, well, useful in a utilitarian sense than mine is.

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