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30 August 2012


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A confession: I'm going to speak out here as a non-college grad who was making a 6-figure salary before children in the mid to late 1990's. My degree is a A.S. in Lasers and Fiber Optics. I was too impatient to start a real job to trudge through college. I loved learning, but was raised by two non-college educated people who make a good living without the piece of paper. In full admission, I did not make the 6 figure salary in my field of study. I am one of those examples of people who did find the right field and was able to be successful in the absence of a degree.
So, I just wanted to chime in that I am probably a bit of an anomaly. However, tech school was really good for me because I focused on those things I really wanted to learn and got a great job before I turned 20. I took out a very minimal student loan, which I had repaid within 2 years. I believe my entire tech school education cost, not including room and board, $6k. I took out the loan because there was no dorm or on-campus housing, so I needed a car, an apartment and all the things one needs to live alone. My savings went there and my loan paid for tuition.
For the record, I went back to school in the early 1990's and one semester of night school (at a Catholic College) cost me practically what it cost to get my tech school degree. I never did finish because I found that I didn't need "that piece of paper" to be successful.

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