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09 August 2012


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Barbara C.

I have great respect for the Amish. They are probably the Protestant group that reminds me most of the Catholic Church. It's obviously not because of doctrine, but because they take the time to consider all of the consequences before embracing any thing "new", and they are not afraid to say "this idea/technology is not worth the consequences of using it".

I always wonder if we conservative religious folks are eventually going to win out in the social and political arena just based on numbers...since the biggest "breeders" these days tend to be the conservative religious like orthodox Catholics, evangelicals, Amish, orthodox Jews, Muslims.


Very interesting. It doesn't say what the average number of children for an Amish family is. The article is really rather vague on the subject of family size, isn't it? I'm guessing they eschew birth control as a modern technology. I wonder if they do natural family planning at all or are more providentialists.

Jennifer Fitz

Crossing western NC in July, we saw a lot of hex signs on the barns. I was puzzled, because I don't think of it as an Amish area. I didn't see any other signs of an Amish presence, so it might have been just the trendy thing around there.


I live in an area near a large Amish population, so I was not surprised at all to hear how fast they are growing.
Wegot to know an AMish family a bit a few years ago when my son was in the NICU. The grandpa was in the NICU lounge. Very friendly. HE said he had raised 12 children, and had something like 50 (maybe it was a lot more, can't quite remember)grandchildren. The grandchild that was in the NICU was child #8 in her family.
The Amish where we live do not use birth control, families of 8 or so children are common.

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