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21 September 2012


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I tend to think about age in seasons. Spring is 0-25; Summer is 26-50; Fall is 51-75; Winter is 76 and up. So at 38 I would definitely put you at midsummer and that's a glorious time of year.


I think you're missing the point of the red hat ladies. They are not trying to be forever young. In fact they are throwing off the paralyzing fear that the young have of not fitting in.
They are celebrating being silly and standing out from the crowd and not caring a bit what any of the "cool" people think.


I love the last sentence.


Nobody's standing out in the crowd in that picture! They are all dressed the same.

Jennifer Fitz

The middle is approximately 30-60. I learned this the day it came to my attention that my dad and I were suddenly the same age: His parents thought we were both "kids", and my kids thought we were both "old". The middle. That's where we were.

(It's also the age when if my dad & I went to a new-to-us parish together, just us with a passel of kids, nobody would be able to figure out what our relationship was.)


I think of middle age as 35-65.


Well their crowd stands out from the bigger crowd, lol.

On the other hand, I think to fully embrace the concept, they should dress like that (or better yet in any dramatic fashion that appeals to them) when out on their own as individuals.

Either way I still maintain that their goal is not to recapture youth but to finally let go of the youthful need to try to be popular, even if they are not all that successful at it.


Hey, the adult education coordinator at my parish informed me that I qualified as a 'young adult' until I was forty.

I don't get this desire to prolong youth. Before I'm forty, GeekBaby will be thirteen! And you just can't be a parent of a teenager and a young adult at the same time. A household would implode from so much selfcenteredness.


Geeklady - ha! I think I agree -- not that middle-aged is a state of mind, but that your life experience (and the age of your kids) have something to do with it.


:-D I'm afraid I think this whole young adult/middle age distinction rather bunk anyway. Either you're an adult, and shouldering the burdens and responsibilities of an adult (however badly), you're a child (usually unable, although today you could include those unwilling, to shoulder adulthood), or you're an elder who has shouldered the burden in the past and, through age or infirmity, is no longer able to do so, although they can certainly provide others with the benefit of their experiences.

All these other adult 'varieties' drive me batty.


I turned 55 in July, and for the first time in my life I think I am middle-aged.

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