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26 September 2012


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Melanie B

I'm impressed my six year-old girl would have done the tortillas with beans but would not have added the lettuce and peppers. But she might have sought out a fruit or some frozen veggies to go with it. She has a pretty good idea of what makes a balanced meal; she just doesn't always think to implement it. My four year-old is much more likely to add salsa and avocados to her burritos and tacos but not lettuce. We have a house of lettuce avoiders.


I like your 'leftover buffet'!

We do 'leftover cafe' where I write up a menu (or, more often these days, the 7yo writes it up) listing all the entrees, side dishes, beverages and desserts, and then I let the kids 'order' dinner. That way I'm only reheating what they will eat. What I love about this is that they will always choose (and eat) a side dish (aka, fruit or veggie) if they are on the menu, so they actually eat more balanced meals when it's leftover night than they sometimes do on regular dinner nights.


Oh, I like the restaurant game idea. I may be too much of a slacker to actually do it, but it sounds fun.

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