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27 September 2012


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Yikes. I just cannot, cannot, cannot see this point of view as anything but C-R-A-Z-Y. The next president could appoint two or three Supreme Court justices. A vote against Mitt Romney is a vote for more abortion. No other way of seeing this is even comprehensible to me.


I don't agree that it is crazy. It is being articulated by reasonable people who have real reasons.

What it comes down to is *proportionate* response in the face of decisions among a field of candidate -- and proportionateness of the responses are entirely within the subjective judgment of the voter.

Really, I think there is far too much "your point of view is stupid and/or crazy" going on across the political spectrum. It is much more charitable and intellectually honest to write, "You're wrong and here's why." It is also more profitable if your goal is to convince the so-called crazy people that they should vote instead of not voting, seeing as calling them crazy is an inherently alienating response that will tend to confirm their suspicions rather than refute them.

And it is worth noting -- obviously, since this is the point of the post -- that a parallel position is being articulated by people who lean left for whom President Obama's positions on various civil-liberties and human-rights issues are deal-breakers. I suppose there are people on the left going "Shut up and vote for Obama" just as there are people on the right going "Shut up and vote for Romney."

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