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28 September 2012


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This is interesting to me. I love all of your co-schooling posts and this was of particular interest to me due to trying to figure out the school situation for my same age daughter.
My daughter started at the local public high school this year in an IB program (international baccalaureate). There have been some bumps due to the differences between institutional and home school, but it's proving to be a good move for my daughter. She is really enjoying the whole experience.
My next daughter (12, 7th grade) says she doesn't want to follow to the high school and wants to remain homeschooled. We'll see how the next 2 years go for her.


It is definitely a depends-on-the-child kind of thing. School is a poor fit for many kids. Others will thrive. Everyone has pros and cons, but I get the impression that one kid's pro is another kid's con...


My husband and I see it as a child by child decision, for sure. Though with 7 kids it's about what is best for the whole family, as well. I don't have another family ( or families) to co-school with, so at this point I see why one room schoolhouses ended in 8th grade. Preschool through high school would be crazy for me at this point, but who knows where we will all be in two more years.


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