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06 September 2012


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Barbara C.

Join a Religious Order: I don't think that all orders require a college degree anymore; although I know that some did in the past.

Of course, I don't know if you count seminary the same as college.

Barbara C.

Get married and become a housewife/house husband.


Both of those are alternatives, Barbara, but do you think that either is a good idea for very many 18-year-olds?

I suppose they both belong there for completeness. As I think about it, of course, joining a religious order is not as momentous as getting married, because there are several years of formation and living in community before perpetual vows make it a permanent choice.


I'd add travel to the list. Go to a foreign location, get a job for a few months, earn some money, see the sights, soak up the culture, meet people, then if you want move on to another short term job in another place. It may not add to your savings but it also need not put you in debt if you can get a student work visa for the places you want to visit.

My best friend did this immediately after college. She went to London, worked in a pub, traveled, made some lifelong friends. I went to visit her while she was there and I think it wasn't a bad option.

It's a very popular option for young people in Australia and New Zealand who will often take a year off to travel and work in Europe. I met a few of them when I went to visit my friend.

I've also known people to do the travel/work thing in Asia.


Yes -- I have that up there under "self education."

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