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25 October 2012


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Barbara C.

I don't think the public outcry is really worried about the Church over-stepping and at some point arbitrarily refusing communion to others.

I think most of the outcry is because people see it as blackmail where the Church is using it's religious authority to force a political outcome and punish politicians who won't fall in line. It violates their ideas about separation of church and state.

Of course, the same people tend to see all of the Catholic rules as a punishment against someone (marriage definition punishes those with ssa, condemnation of birth control/abortion punishes women, etc).

They can't fathom that "the rules" are there to protect us and guide us to a higher standards of living and loving.

The more rational argument against refusing communion would be that we may be denying people like Biden and Pelosi the graces they need to get their heads out of their behinds as to what their priorities should be (God first, politics second).

I think that the case of communion being denied due to adultery is a different kettle of fish. First of all, so many people don't understand that they are only forbidden if they remarry without an annulment not just for being divorced. Secondly, it's very easy for a remarried person just to go to a parish where no one knows of their first marriage and receive. It's not as easy to identify a divorced and remarried person as it is to know a politician with a pro-choice record.

I also have found that most people who remarry without an annulment don't tend to value their Catholic faith as something special and will just walk away from the Church altogether and join a different denomination with their new spouse.

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