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09 October 2012


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I think you guys are really good, thoughtful parents.

Barbara C.

That is so awesome.

In college I used to babysit for one of my religious studies professors. He and his wife were Methodist converts from Pentecostalism.

One day when I was watching the kids, this refrigerator repair man started preaching to the kids, asking if they were saved. I had to tell this man who was twice my age to stop it three times!! He just had no respect for the role of parents to educate their children.

I make it very clear to my kids that we must respect that others are trying to know, love, and serve God the best way they know how.


This is a great way to handle all of this. We deal with this with cousins since we are Catholic converts from a protestant/Pentecostal/Episcopalian background. My family is Pentecostal and many members are pastors, so we have some knowledgeable, opinionated kids all talking to mine (also knowledgeable and opinionated, though I hope also charitable). What a great "tribe" you've formed for your families.


I love your ground rules.

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