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26 October 2012


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I wish she had gotten her way on counter height. At 5'1.75'' prepping food is problematic at best.

Amy F

Cheaper by the Dozen! I need to go reread that now. I loved those books! As a teenager I remember thinking it would be fun to be what, a systems engineer? I tried to get jobs on logistics when I graduated.


One of her books on scientific management in the home is available through Cornell's amazing HEARTH: http://hearth.library.cornell.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=hearth;idno=4301989.


I finally read the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen, Belles on their Toes. Better, if anything, than the original, dealing as it does with the time after Lillian was widowed and the ways she and the children had to pull together. You get a real sense of what a formidable woman she was.


What, short people having their way on bathroom countertops wasn't enough??


Um. I don't really want to hear about *anyone* having their way on bathroom countertops. But I am sure it is worse for short people when they try.

Melanie B

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

I'm on the other end of the height spectrum and long for higher counters. I used to get terrible backaches in our old apartment because all the kitchen counters were too low.

And don't get me started on bathrooms! The shower head in the "kid's" bathroom in my parents' house hit me at the base of my neck. In order to wash my hair I had to do gymnastic contortions! They have since replaced it. After I moved out.

The tiny kitchen in our 50s era home is not laid out efficiently and it drives me crazy. Far from having a work triangle, it has one tiny counter between the stove and sink and another tiny counter between the sink and refrigerator. The distance from stove to fridge is about ten feet. It doesn't have near enough storage space either.

jen ambrose

Thanks for the link, Erin. This is great. She Kaizen-ed way before it was cool.


I'd forgotten to check up on comments for this post

...I hope you're kidding me, because that was absolutely not what I meant. I just meant the *redacted* bathroom counters are too short.


I figured it out, GL, I just felt like having a little fun with the wording. ;-)

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