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03 October 2012


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Wow, not sure how to say what I want without letting all my judgements boil over. Having grown up with my grandfather's tattooed number - and my grandmother's scars - I find this article and the practice to be anything but moving. Fetishistic maybe?


What makes you say fetishistic? I am reading it as a way to honor their relatives' suffering and maintain the memory of the Holocaust when some want to forget it... But how do you read it?


I think it's an absurd myth that people want or are in any danger of forgetting In a culture where 16-year olds routinely go on labour camp trips, financed by the state and led by schools, the danger seems to me that there is too much idolization and not enough thought or actual study of history. As the ending of the article also hints, there's massive political use of the Holocaust.

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