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09 November 2012


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Love this. As a returning swimmer myself, I can't wait to hear more.


We had to take on "health and fitness" pe class in college, and I picked conditioning swimming, because I basically knew how to swim and thought I would hate it the least.
But...! In order to stay in the class, you had to be able to complete the president's fitness test,which I think was twenty laps in ten minutes? I don't remember. And I only managed 13 before I had exhausted myself. But because my stroke was okay, the instructor didn't realize I didn't meet requirements until it was too late to change courses. There wasn't anything else that fit my schedule and I'd put it off till my last semester (typical), so I cut her a deal that. Would be able to pass the required fitness swim test by the end of the course, and she agreed. I got a little speech at the end of the course saying if there was any student she wished she could give an A, it was me, because of all the effort I put in and the improvement I made.
Swimming is awesome. The downside is you need to have a pool available, and that costs.
David on the other hand, hated swimming up through May this year when he had a meltdown at a little friend's pool party. Then we went to a pool party at one of our D&D group's house, and he mysteriously started loving the water. He went from consenting to be enthroned in one of the floaty rafts to self initiated paddling around the pool in his float jacket and laughing over dunkings in an hour flat. Very weird.



This is one of those things that I think I would enjoy. The girls have taken swimming lessons in the summer and I usually arrange to go to one of the sessions to watch. When I'm in there, the temperature is warm. I smell the pool and watch the lap swimmers and think I would like to take up swimming if I only had the time. I dream about not having to go to work every day and how, if I were home, I could take the kids to a weekly swim appointment, and what a grand life that would be.

And then I come back to reality and understand that to go swimming means to put on a swimsuit. Which I have not worn in fourteen years. And the problem with the swimsuit is not really the garment itself, but the personal maintenance it takes to wear one. Razors, friends. Razors.


After a while you realize that the people at the pool don't care about your body hair. I'm too busy to look at theirs; ergo, chances are good that they are too busy to look at mine.


(As a side comment, possibly TMI: I actually think I accomplish more shaving as a regular swimmer than I did before, since now two or three of my showers every week happen while the kids are in the Y's child care and I can take as much time as I need to.)


It seems common, from the people I know who used to be on the swim team when they were in school, to not be able to tolerate flip turns now.

My oldest son really took off in swim lessons this summer and is now swimming 4x a week with the ambition of making a local competitive team. It is a big time commitment for us. I'm usually pretty minimal on activities. But I've learned a lot by watching the systematic way they teach the classes.

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