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14 November 2012


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Mm, sounds delicious. Since I don't have the time do anything like this anytime in the next month, the next best thing is to read about it.


Love this! Thanks for describing the whole process. I have a duck in the freezer. I should buy another and do something similar.


I love duck. We just had one for ... St. Martin's Eve? (What do you call that in English?) It was a potluck and they rotisseried the whole duck on their gas grill. Holy moly, it was good. None of us were fans of organ meat and other gross stuff (ie, what we think was a trachea), so we simmered that while the duck roasted, then used the resulting stock to make gravy. Then we didn't have to feel bad about throwing the organs away.


For next time: try Amanda Hesser's recipe (first simmer with sherry, ginger, soy and celery, netting you loads of lovely stock and easily-collected fat; then roast briefly). Perfect and easy.

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