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07 November 2012


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Barbara C.

Disappointed and worried on one hand. It would have been nice that a lot of my concerns would have been minimized or eliminated with Romney.

Then again I'm thinking that maybe this is part of God's plan so that there will be a "final battle" that determines everything one way or the other rather than have these festering sores of uncertainty.


ambivalent. I *think* Romney would have been better in some areas, but it's not like I really wanted him to win either. Reminding myself that God has it all in the palm of his hand and accounted for in his sovereignty.


If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
2 Chronicles 7:14

It is not the President, nor the Congress, nor any other elected official that determine our future. It is the people...the question is are we willing?


Yeah, we were praying that 2 Chron verse yesterday here too - maybe I'll have the kids memorize it this week.

Here (WA) I'm just sad - not about Romney, but about our Marriage vote (and yours, Erin, and the other two) and a little apprehensive about our pot legalization (not just for medicinal) vote.... I'd guess marriage is really headed to the Supreme Court soon, and these four votes last night will mean it wouldn't be "too far ahead of the culture" for the Court to declare DOMA and Prop 8 unconstitutional and "Roe" the marriage fight. Sad sad sad. :(


Deanna is right, in my opinion. Ultimately God is in control and I put my trust in Him. That said, I would also like to know where the catacombs are.

Christy P.

The sun is shining in a perfectly clear Utah sky this morning.

Best thing we can do is work for peace and justice in (y)our own communities and look for ways to live (y)our beliefs in the open.


Christy - agreed about that last one!

I have an awful headache for some reason and will probably feel better when it is gone.

I think I am feeling relatively serene about what you might call "non-fiscal culture war issues." It stands to reason that a country as diverse as ours will have vastly different answers to the questions these bring up, and as long as we all remain free to express our best ideas, there is a good chance that something acceptable will bubble to the surface eventually.

I feel less serene about the debt and deficit situation, maybe because diversity of opinions about it seems to lead to the worst of all possible compromises, e.g., tax less AND spend more.

Also, I find myself irrationally worried that Joe Biden will be elected president in 2016. There. I am just throwing it out there. It seems that anything is possible.


As I was standing in line to vote yesterday in my precinct in the blue part of a swing state (VA), I looked around at my fellow citizens and had some pretty uncharitable thoughts.

My husband and I have had a bunch of conversations recently about moving to a certain very red state, mostly for reasons having to do with his career, and last night it came up again. But this time it had a darker component. We talked about "getting out of here" and going to live somewhere where people are "more like us."

It's not a racial thing; my husband is Asian-American and there are certainly more people who look like him where we are now than where we'd be. But we're weary of living in the middle of a bunch of people whose values we don't share and whose political priorities we don't respect.

So, for me, the impulse this morning is to retreat, not from America, but from the part of it that isn't like me. Which apparently is the majority part.

And if we move, our state gets even bluer.

Ugh. I don't like what happened, and I don't like my instinctive response to it. But it is what it is.


Yeah -- I am pretty sure that "retreat" is not an option. Not pragmatically, not ethically.

The "living your beliefs in the open" is a serious challenge. It certainly is to me personally, as I feel I often have to walk a fine line -- in ways that are not visible on this blog -- between truth and peace.


Disappointed but not surprised. It did lead to some good discussion with my older kids about the nation they are inheriting from us... sigh.

I can't feel too optimistic about the social front because the tendency I've seen is that consensus moves towards increasing license and a very basic negative morality. However I'm confident that God is in control even though my human side would like things to be easier for my kids.

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