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09 November 2012


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I've reached your last two posts from Google Reader....

Christy P.

My google reader has been picking up your feed since I discovered the existence of google reader. That is literally years.


Thanks. Mostly I'm concerned about a delay. I saw a trick to force GR to crawl it and was checking to see if it works.


...for example, the "Adult Swim" post was published at about 8:30 this morning, but appeared on GR after 2 pm. The post before that got delayed 12 hours.

Christy P.

I was pretty accustomed to seeing your posts first thing in my morning (already lagged an hour from you), but lately you have been appearing later. I chalked it up to the already-noted absence of the blog muse rather than a difference in google.


It's all google. I schedule my posts to appear in the morning if I write them in the afternoon, unless I have more than one and can spread them out.

Possibly google has downgraded me to "only crawl once a day" as a result of not updating very often.

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