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08 December 2012


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That is really very sweet. :) My youngest just turned 1 and already shows me how excited she is when she realizes I am about to nurse her. And knowing that she is likely our last due to my age (though - hey! I'm a couple years behind MN Mom!)...I intend to continue this as long as we both enjoy it!

Margaret in Minnesota

Hey, I heard that!

Barbara C.

I usually try to kick them out around age 4. My current 4-year-old starts in her own bed in the other room each night, but usually by two or three she is back in the bed with us. I'm just too tired to walk her back right now.

It gets kind of cramped with me, the 4-month-old, the 2-year-old, and my husband by the time the 4-year-old climbs back in, too. But it will be really warm and snuggly as the temperatures keep dropping.

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