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05 December 2012


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I'm curious about what you see happening as you get older. Am I remembering correctly that you're not quite 40? I think I remember you writing once about planning to adjust your target weight around menopause, but what about the years leading up to it?


Oh, that's a good question, Jamie, although I think it's prospective rather than retrospective, no?

I just turned 38. I can write a whole post about it, but the short of it is that I feel I ought to remain somewhat open-minded about target weight until menopause in case I have any more babies, but in the absence of additional babies I hope to stay about the same until then. Still, I'm trying to make it be about behavior and not about the numbers on the scale.

I didn't come quite down to my prepregnancy weight after the most recent (and only post-weight-loss) baby, but I was okay with that.


I really appreciate your maintenance/reminder posts, since I'm kind of at the same stage you are (though with less exercise). I'm at a basically acceptable weight which I maintain without much trouble -- I could stand to lose five pounds and tone up, but on the other hand, my clothes fit in a mostly flattering fashion. But I need the constant reminder not to be complacent. You should write about "keeping motivated in the face of okayness." ;)


Keeping motivated in the face of okayness: check.


Hi Erin,
I've been looking through the weight loss posts - again- and am wondering if you have a category or posts on support and/or accountability? What did you do when it was hard? I have some ideas, but am always interested in others' thoughts! I've got 50 pounds to lose and have been pondering your post on change being worth it for it's own sake. Good stuff. Thanks!


I had some accountability to my husband, and he wrote a guest post on his role. You can see this here


I leaned on a couple of close friends to help me get to the gym -- by watching children and such, when my husband was out of town and it got tricky. It seems weird now, but I had this obsessive feeling about the gym routine, like if I skipped a single one, even for a good reason, I would break the spell.

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