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22 January 2013


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You've done more in one semester than I did in two years of high school Spanish.

Who knew Spanish has more than present tense verbs?


It's surprising how much content of the first year of Spanish you already know if you've had a decent chunk of Latin. It just seemed foolish not to take advantage of that!


Yes and no. My Spanish teacher was not very interested in teaching Spanish, but was very interested in union representation. He finally found his true calling and is out of the classroom to be the president of the teachers' union here.

My high school offered four years of Latin (with a teacher who actually taught) and I greatly regret not taking Latin instead.


Yes, I think if one has a choice of several languages to take in high school, one would do best for oneself to choose the best teacher rather than based On which language you most wish to learn. A really good teacher can teach you how to learn "language," whereas a cruddy teacher won't even be able to teach "a" language.

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