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07 February 2013


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This is very timely for me. Most years, I have had to look to gluttony and sloth around the time of Lent. But this year, at this point (guarantees nothing for next Lent), those areas are not my struggles.

I agree completely -- sometimes I just do not want to be around myself!

I want to look deeper this year. Physical give-ups/take-ups are easier for me to work on because I can "see" them. But I have noted grumbling, discontent within me. I am not sure how to bring this to Lent, but your post has started the thinking process for me.


I struggle with what taking up your cross looks like in real life.

I've had a major disappointment at work this week involving decisions beyond my control. My prayers this week have sounded a lot like this: "God, I am so angry about this situation. I trust and hope you are using this for my betterment. I hope you will use this to lead me where I need to be, but I am well and truly hacked off."

Now am I taking up my cross or whining? It sounds similar to me.

Margaret in MN

This is a wonderful, helpful post.

Note: Is "wonderful" a word to be used when talking of Lent? In any case...

jamie jo

This reminds me of a quote that is always in my heart and on my mind:

"You are not happy because you make everything revolve around yourself as if you were always the center; you have a stomach ache, or you are tired, or they have said this or that...
Have you ever tried thinking about him and through him about others?"

-St Josemaria Escriva

Beautiful reflection Bearing--Mags sent us here via Facebook!!


Thanks for this reflection on bearing our crosses - it is so so helpful at the beginning of Lent.

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