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03 February 2013


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The Giver is a juvenile book that is a quick read, but definitely worth your time. It is often included in middle school reading lists. It has a lady and the tiger ending, but she ended up writing a sequel later. I decided not to read the sequel because I was certain I knew what happened and I didn't want that ruined by the sequel.

I also really enjoyed The Pillars of the Earth, but that book is huge, so it requires a lot more of a commitment.


At a quick glance I've read 35. I can't color code it so amazingly on my tablet and don't have time right now to make it happen on the computer. There are a few on here I never intend to read, others I've never heard of. It's an eclectic mix!



I'm impressed by how other bloggers have made the key so much more informative; I wish I'd thought to mark which books I re-read.


There's still time, MrsDarwin! Just add asterisks or something.

Christy P.

I weep that you have not read Ender's Game. This is among my top 5 favorite books of all time. Go ahead and read it first, and then give it to your oldest boy. He will likely then give it to his brother, or hide it so that he can keep it all to himself. (movie version coming soon!!!!)

I endorse for you The Poisonwood Bible.

Both of these are better than Fight Club.

Fascinating that we went to high school together and were in the same track of classes and yet I read Wuthering Heights and Lord of the Flies in 11th grade English and The Sun Also Rises in 12th grade.

Anne of Green Gables is a good read aloud for your 6 year old girl.

Despite my love of sci fi, I will admit to never having finished Dune despite multiple attempts. It is less sci fi and more poli-si fi. Sigh.

Christy P.

Hmmm, I lost a bit in my comment. The end of the paragraph about high school was supposed to have a parenthetical suggestion that GoodReads have a poetry list.


I have read other stuff by Orson Scott Card and didn't' like it, that's why I have never felt moved to pick up Ender's Game.

I also *did* read Anne of Green Gables and Lord of the Flies -- does the boldface not show up well enough? Underlined means I read it more than once.

I like your idea of a poetry list.


For what it's worth, I can't tell the difference between your "read it" and "never read it" typefaces, so unless there's an asterisk for "read part" they look the same on my computer.

Interesting list - I remember seeing this on Mrs. Darwin's post. I'll have to sit down and do my own - nice to have my own list to look at, instead of just the lists I keep putting together for the 10yo voracious reader.


Ooh...I need to save this list for myself. Thank you for sharing!

The Count of Monte Cristo is still one of my favorite books - it has a little of everything. We read the abridged version in high school, and I bought and read the full version a few years ago. The recent movie drives me insane because it changes the plot significantly. (Although, it was filmed mostly in Malta, so it's fun to watch and reminisce.)

Little Women and Little Men were also favorites of mine as a kid.

Barbara C.

I've read 42 on the list. I think I've read about 15 of the 42 more than once. I love book lists.


Rebecca is one of my favorite books of all time! The Hitchcock movie is also great. I've read 43 on the list, some I can't remember the story line (Unbearable Lightness) but I remember reading it. It's weird what sticks with you and what doesn't.

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