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14 March 2013


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Christy P.

I remember hearing about this years ago and marveling most about the fact that the workers are mostly illiterate. Now I marvel mostly at the fact that they carry the empties back in the afternoons rather than the office workers carrying them home. Seems _really_ inefficient to me, but it does keep people occupied.

They mention it is a relic from the Colonial era, but the system didn't grow up because the British said so. Think of it from a food safety perspective. In a time without refrigeration and microwaves, the notion of bringing yesterday's leftovers and heating them up for lunch couldn't occur to anyone because it was, of course, impossible.

The real market for something like this in the USA might not be for office workers, who generally have access to both fridges and microwaves, but for school kids who generally lack access to both amenities, but may have special diets or preferences that render hot school lunches inappropriate for them.

Christy P.

And by preferences I completely include preferences not to eat highly processed food-like substances.

Melanie B

Wow. That is really amazing. And the food looked really good. I loved especially the emphasis on how a mother knows exactly how her child likes his food: how much spice, how much salt. And I wondered: was the implication that the lunches were made by mothers rather than wives?


I actually wondered to what extent middle-class Indian families have picky children.

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