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27 March 2013


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I have to let people be WRONG on the INTERNET??

I'm not cut out for that.


Jamie, I know! Neither am I.

LeeAnn Balbirona

Let me be delivered from wanting to have the Last Word. :)

I understood Heather's post to be specific to her experience of life but relatable to my own, as a mom of 4 in school. I have met other mothers struggling with addictions (their own and family members'), divorce, infidelity, money troubles, vulnerabilities of all kinds.

There is a short time in life where motherhood is so all consuming that one's circle of friends may be limited entirely to one's own children and family, but I think part of Heather's point is to get outside yourself; don't refuse to make connections outside your safe zone, whether that's your home, your trusted circle of friends or whatnot. Get to know people well enough to share with them and you will find out their struggles soon enough. Not that you have to go downtown to the bars to do this, in your own neighborhood and your own parish there are going to be problems enough to confront.


LeeAnn - this is definitely true. For a lot of us there are problems enough in our own families.

Another thing I've been thinking of: Sometimes I think the years of shelter and protection and abundant safety, for those of us who have a few of those, function as a saving-of-strength, a growing, so we can go out of ourselves later. It's risky to use that as an excuse, going forth, but looking back sometimes you can see -- I needed *that* time so I could live *this* time.

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