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01 April 2013


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Melanie B

I was just thinking of that passage in Augustine yesterday at Easter dinner when we were talking about children's early propensities for naughtiness.

I like the thought that in an unfallen world babies wouldn't need to cry to get their needs met. I also suspect than in an unfallen world teething wouldn't hurt so damn much.


People do punish babies for crying. There's some very fundie group that recommends a lot of the rod to raise up proper Godfearing Christian children, they recommend that one starts spanking at two weeks to curb the infant's inclination to manipulate by crying. Larger children can be castigated with PVC piping. A girl died, that's why I heard of them. I can't remember what they're called though. No loss. Just the thought of it makes me ill.


I know about them, Rebekka, and know their name, but decided not to link or give them any more attention. I doubt they get their inspiration from St. Augustine.


In Psalm 51, the one that starts, "Have mercy on me God in your kindness," there's this bit:

"That you may be justified when you give sentence and be without reproach when you judge.

O see, in guilt was I born, a sinner was I conceived."

I suppose there are other ways to read it, but I have always taken these two lines together to mean, "If you're going to judge me correctly, you have to understand that I was conceived a sinner -- in other words, that the propensity to do wrong came to me through no fault of my own."


I can see that my second comment never came through - something along the lines of me forgetting to include my actual point in the original comment, which was that we should pray for those families as hard as we can.

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