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10 May 2013


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This is so clear & concise. Thank you for all these posts! They really are so helpful. I've gone back through some of them recently, to help me get back on track mentally after having my 6th child. The weight has mostly come off easily (mostly), but my habits really needed to be sharpened up a little bit & this helped me a few years ago & it has helped again!


This is a great post. You have really learned a lot and I am very happy that you share what you have learned. Can you elaborate on two things? What specifically are dressed vegetables dressed with and do you only eat a half sandwich at home too? So If you were making a sandwich at home with bakery or store bought bread do you only use one slice? The whole habits idea seems a much healthier and lasting approach than constant calorie counting or as you said a temporary diet mentality.


I love the list of "secrets," though I realize it's not precisely everyone's list. Thank you!


I'm curious about the vegetables rule too. Do you not eat things like pastas or rice or potatoes? And what are dressed veggies? My fried brain keeps lapsing into Amelia Bedelia but at least I'm still sane enough to know that isn't right. :)

BTW, thanks for this. I needed it. I hadn't thought of myself as having a fear of being hungry but it would very much describe me. I'll eat when I'm not hungry to avoid being hungry when it is inconvenient and the like. I feel like I should read through all your archived posts on the subjects but I know I won't have any time for that any time soon. To someone who is where you were 5 years ago, are there any other posts you'd especially recommend? Thx!


Let's see...

- Dressed vegetables could be a salad with salad dressing, or coleslaw, or steamed broccoli with butter, or stir fry, or asparagus roasted in olive oil. I do not eat low-fat. I meant to emphasize that I don't restrict myself to plain vegetables.

- I do eat potatoes, rice, and pasta. I try always to remember that I don't want these to be the foundation of my meals. I try to make my pile of veggies bigger than my pile of pasta. Or sometimes I mix green beans with my spaghetti before I put sauce in it, or raw shredded carrots with my rice before I put my stir-fry on top of the rice. I dilute carbs with vegetables. For dinners that divide up neatly, I generally follow the rule of "half your plate is vegetables, a quarter is protein and a quarter is starch." I try to get more calories from the butter on my giant portion of broccoli than I do from the rice or bread.

- Yes, I really do use single slices of bread and make half sandwiches at home. Well, at least I try to. (And if I am baking my own sandwich rolls, I make little ones.) I have a post somewhere called "A whole post on half sandwiches" about this one.


Erin, thanks for answering my questions. Just to be clear I was not trying to be disrespectful when I asked if you used one piece of bread at home. I just wanted to clarify if you just meant you avoid those huge restaurant sandwiches are all whole sandwiches. You cleared it up nicely. I am going to look for your other post on sandwiches. Thanks.


No disrespect detected!

I do a lot of "taking the other half of the restaurant sandwich home." And my husband splits a lot of sandwiches with me. (Of course, then *he* eats another sandwich.)

One of my favorite splurges is to get a hot Italian sub -- it's not a footlong, it's like 8" -- with extra hot peppers, from a local pizza delivery place, eat half of it for dinner with a salad, and the other half (cold) for breakfast.

Also to get a breakfast quesadilla on a giant sprouted-grain tortilla from my favorite breakfast place, with extra guacamole, and save the other half for lunch the same day. Anticipation makes it yummier.

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