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11 May 2013


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Melanie B

"There is, perhaps, an argument to be made (from the babies-are-good end) that, though open breastfeeding is good and in a perfect world there would be no problem, the poisonous culture has created an environment where it isn't "safe" to openly feed babies in public. "

Dom's comment was along those lines too. In a world where everyone had a perfectly integrated sexuality women wouldn't have to cover up, but what should they do in the culture we have?

I like the way you frame it as retreat or advance. Though at the same time I'm uncomfortable with seeing feeding my baby as needing "battle tactics". I don't want to have to engage in the battle, just to feed the baby wherever I am in a way that's comfortable for both of us without attracting undue attention. Is that really too much to ask?


Everyone *is* fighting a great battle. I don't think there's a place on earth we can escape the theater.


This is a great post! Thanks.

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