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13 July 2013


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Does it really have a craft? I can't wait to read it.




Didn't we have a long conversation in Mrs. Darwin's FB comments back in, like, the fall in which Simcha said her book would include a craft?

Melanie B

I recall the conversation, but I don't remember her saying it would have a craft.

Melanie B

Your usual, thorough review. I feel like there's nothing left for me to say. Maybe I'll just put up a post that points people to your review.


Jamie, I plead placenta brain. Boy, you confused me there.

Amy F

"We are rule-following engineer types for whom charting and data analysis practically count as a form of foreplay."

As a fellow engineering major married to a physics teacher, I understand and love this :)


To my knowledge we were the only couple in our not-super-large department in college.

Occasionally other students would make jokes about shaft work, or tease us, like, "What do you guys talk about when you're alone? Maxwell's equations? Fugacity?" but, um, well. Yeah.


I am pretty sure I didn't hallucinate the craft. (That would be a weird hallucination.) I said, "Oh, is it a paper chain made out of surprise pregnancy charts?" and you said, "What if you don't have any surprise pregnancy charts to make paper chains out of?" and Mrs. Darwin and I simul-commented, "Look out, here comes baby #5!" and Simcha remained vague as to the actual nature of the craft. Which may or may not be a hallucination, but that's a pretty elaborate hallucination, wouldn't you say?


I remember, because I remember telling you that I didn't have any surprise pregnancy charts. It's still my claim to fame. Let's see if I make it to menopause!


I'm pretty sure I remember mention of a craft. I demand a craft with my NFP manual. Otherwise, where's the hands-on fun? :)


You could maybe make your NFP manual into a bedside table lamp. Very good for "mood" lighting.


Simcha Fisher

I did mention a craft! I was going to send it as a pdf for the first 100 people who bought the book, or something like that, but ultimately decided that it may or may not be commiting some . . . light blasphemy. So I skipped it. (It was funny, though.)

Thank you so much for the review, bearing!


Now if only we could get on Simcha's Secret Semi-Blasphemous Craft Mailing List.


"We are rule-following engineer types for whom charting and data analysis practically count as a form of foreplay."

It totally IS.

"This morning was my third day my basal body temperature was above the coverline, signifying the beginning of the hyperthermic phase."

"Sounds HOT!"


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