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05 July 2013


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Melanie B

Wait... Scottevest makes women's clothing now?! I bought Dom a vest from them when we were first married and I think they had about three different style vests and that was all they made.

I love the dress. And the cargo pants. I might just have to get some. Though I almost never wear dresses anymore since they tend to be a pain to nurse in and in the past seven years the only time I'm not nursing has been when I'm pregnant.

I have taken exactly zero statistics courses, but the concept of variance is indeed interesting, especially in context of the college discussion.


I have one of their 2008-9 women's vests. It was... okay. My primary complaint isn't even Scott eVest's fault, I just found the vest extremely hot, even in the light khaki color, because ths is Texas and its hot 75% of the year, most years. So my vest has been relegated to hiking use now as a daypack replacement, especially when carrying a baby in a sherpani baby carrier (and I highly recommend Sherpani baby carriers, which I thinkwork better for women than Kelty or Deuter.)

But it looks like they've really improved their women's options. The dress is probably not long enough for my torso, but the cargo pants look fab.


GeekLady, I agree with you about Sherpani versus Kelty carriers. We have a
Kelty Expedition which works great for my husband (6'0") and I can't wear it at all. I tried on the Sherpani but decided that given how rarely I would use it -- since I do most hiking with babies when Mark is with me -- not to invest in one. If I need a back carrier, I generally use my Didymos wrap sling. I have borrowed an Ergo before and like it and often recommend it, but I have never owned one.


Melanie, if you want an interesting story about variance and how it can matter, and also about public perception of truths they don't like, google "variance Lawrence Summers." You might recall that Summers got in trouble for saying something impolitic about the natural abilities of women in science and how that alone would be enough to explain a lot of the disparities we see between men and women in the elite levels of STEM fields. His observation, which I believe has largely held up, was that although the average abilities of men and women in mathematics are about the same, but the variance is greater for men (there are more male failures and more male SooperGeniuses and fewer average males). This would indeed explain a large part of the disparity, although surely there are other factors, but he got fired anyway. The mathematical argument is, however, a good introduction to the effects that variance can have.


I so want the ScotteVest Trench coat. We got Kevin the vest/coat combo for his birthday and he LOVES it. 22 pockets. One big enough for an ipad. Glorious storage space and his is well vented. Now I'm considering the dress. I love skirts and dresses but the lack of pockets drives me wild.


I got a pair of the Margaux Cargaux for my birthday. They are absurd. I might fit into the XXL if I hem them up six inches and lose about 2 inches off my hips and thighs.

As it is, they FIT, but they look like they were sprayed on which makes 4 out of 6 pockets unusable. (The other 3 of the 9 advertised pockets are inside other pockets.)

...I could pull a better pair of cargos out of my rear.


Oops! Sorry!


Hey, comments are working again. I'm sorry, rereading this I felt like I was overly cross. I'm still cross about the silly pants, but I wasn't blaming you. I just wanted to warn you about them before you bought any.


Thanks :)

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