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14 July 2013


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Thank you for this, I need an example like her in my life quite desperately right now. I am married to a cradle Catholic who does not believe. We love each other as the relationship between Elisabeth and Felix is described, but living life this way is so challenging. She will be on my reading list stat!

LeeAnn Balbirona

I'm trying to finish up "Stages on the Road" by Sigrid Undset and reading the last chapter I found mention of Leseur:

"At a gathering at which Mme. Elisabeth Leseur was present the conversation turned upon a lady whose conduct had been such as to get her talked about.
'Why do you tell us this?' said Mme. Leseur; 'you know nothing about it; one can never be sure of rumors of this kind.'
The lady addressed replied: 'But it's quite certain--the affair is public property and proved over and over again.'
'Very well,' answered Mme. Leseur, 'in that case there is nothing more to be said about it.'"
(This is in a chapter about loving others through silence.)

Every thing I read about Leseur I like. But when I tried to read her diary as published by Sophia Press, I could not get through it or find what was considered to be so worthy. Maybe I will try the selected writings instead.


I just got my copy of the selected writings but haven't dug too far into it yet. What I would be interested to see, actually, is some of the stuff her husband spoke and wrote about, as he would have grasped the whole and condensed it down to the principles she lived by. Haven't tracked any down in English yet, and though I read French, it isn't always easy to come by a specific out-of-print non-English book in the US.

Melanie B

Leseur's name keeps popping up. For a long time I just kept seeing people posting quotes, but I had no idea who she was. Then last fall someone posted something about her that intrigued me. I think it was in the context of a discussion of having a rule of life. I thought hers sounded so much more useful than Holly Pierlot's book and made a note to look her up. What you write here, though, is even more intriguing. I think I really need to work on that principle of flexibility. What a great model to imitate. You'll have to let us know what you think of the selected writings. I'd love to learn more about her, but would also like someone else to tell me what might be most useful and readable.


I have the selected writings now, and I decided to skip the diary part which is in the beginning and go straight to her essays. I am midway through "Essay on the Christian Life of Women" and I can't wait to blog it, because it's fantastic. More on it after I finish taking notes and decide which part to highlight first.

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