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29 August 2013


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Barbara C.

"I have a limited supply of giving a shit." LMAO I LOVE that.

Since I put my oldest in our local parish school, I've come across a group of families who tend to run everything at the school. They are constantly volunteering for every single activity and fund-raiser and most of them also work at least part-time at the school.

I'll probably do a little more than the required minimum of the ten hours volunteer work, but when it comes to all of the rest "I have a limited supply of giving a shit", too.

I do envy your peace with things. I think my "not giving a shit" is as much about feeling over-whelmed with my current responsibilities as a desire to take on anymore. I feel like I am doing all I can to keep my family afloat without taking so much responsibility for everyone else's families.


Love this post, especially this part: "Caring for and about my family, even though there's nothing especially needy about my family, requires my full-time effort. " and the preceding part about caring most for the people who need me to give a shit about them, and the shit I have to give is the best shit in their case.

I so get this. Now I am considering taking up my green eyeshade again (former CPA) because, in the case of my nearing college age child, the form of giving a shit about him is going to change, and I feel the need to contribute to that effort to the best of my ability. I am fortunate enough to have a choice in the matter, so if that form of caring for him is too much for me, I can stop and find another form of caring for him, and his sister, who will still be at home for several more years after he leaves.

thanks for this. You've distilled my thoughts in a way I couldn't. And I obviously love how you phrased it. ;-)


I'm a bad person too. I love the shock value and I only have four.

"So I'm pleasantly surprised to find myself simply happy about this new child, and about the prospects of being mother-of-five, which just has a very cool ring to it, don't you think? I feel like I'm earning a shiny new badge."

I'm happy to hear this for you. I am also very ambivalent about pregnancy. I love my babies. Pregnancy is bleh to meh and it's long way from there to baby. I don't know if we will go for number five or not, but it's good to know the pregnancy disposition can improve.


I have to say I didn't feel so positive about pregnancy when I first started retching and sleeping all the time. But I've been excited about a baby from the beginning. Much less anxious than my previous couple of pregnancies, too.


You look great!! I can't imagine life without any of the current 4, and I'm very excited about the arrival of #5.


Thanks Lori! You are looking good too. Can't wait for the new arrival :-)

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