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13 September 2013


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Argh. Seriously, the mundane things I dread most (barring death, dismemberment, handicap, mortal sin etc) are lice, worms, and ticks. I just know I'll be hysterical.

Also a fine-toothed comb is how you get rid of cradle cap here in Denmark. Oil the baby up, pop a pilot's cap on overnight to protect the bedding, and then comb away come morn. I've never heard of doing it any other way!


I wouldn't use a metal comb on an infant though, wood or plastic. Otherwise it'll just rip the scalp to shreds.


Well, I was thinking that they have plastic nit combs (which aren't, I hear, nearly as good as the metal ones for getting nits) but are more fine-toothed than your average baby comb. Come January I am totally there.


I'm so sorry. Everyone has their own story indeed. A couple of year ago when my 5th grader brought it home from public school, the only other person to catch it was . . . me. You have had your husband comb you out just to check, right? :)


That sounds like what I have. Satisfying in a gross-ish way. Happy combing!


Oh yes, I am getting combed twice a day. No active infestation confirmed, but found a couple of eggs that failed to hatch.

Melanie B

I've used a fine tooth plastic comb to comb out cradle cap after overnight oil. Unfortunately with my kids the comb took most of the hair along with the icky scales. Lucia was born with a thick, thick head of hair. Then she got really, really bad cradle cap. After a few combs most of it was gone. Anthony lost most of his hair that way too and it came back in blond. Fortunately hers has mostly grown in, though not as thick.
Just so you know that you might get rid of the cradle cap but end up with a bald baby.


Yes, Melanie- when I saw the hair coming with the cradle cap, that's when I stopped bothering with it. It eventually goes either way, and I like the hair even if it covers a scaly scalp.


Oh I forgot about putting every extra soft thing in bags, not to kill the bugs, but to keep the already cleaned stuff away from infested children. Our couch had no throw pillows for probably two months.

I also don't mess with cradle cap very much. I want to scrub it all away, but seeing their little baby hairs come off makes me too sad. They get a thorough head scrub at about 2 and a half.

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