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25 September 2013


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Rebekka Hartmann

Goodness gracious. Have people started asking you if it's twins?


Rebekka, people have been asking me if it's twins since February of 2000.

Rebekka Hartmann

I guess that's the difference between being short and tall. People say "you're pregnant?!" when I'm 7 months along.

Amy F

Of all the goofy things to get stuck on, I appreciate your explanation of the Metal-Matic factory.

The kids and I biked by Metal-Matic the other day and it was the only time it's ever been closed up in our memory (11am Sat). We've always wondered what happens there. The part that confused me was that our Metal-Matic is in north Mpls. I had to look it up and see that by golly, they have 2 locations, the other being downtown. Before I checked the locations, I thought perhaps I was mixing everything up because we also took a long walk around Nicollet Island that evening in an attempt to tire the kids out before celebrating my parents' 40th anniversary at Nicollet Island Inn. So I thought maybe I remembered wrong and had seen the factory near there.

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