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18 October 2013


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I'm impressed by how you handled that question. I have my own answer, but I especially like the way you included uncertainty which left her able to think more about it for herself.

I hope so much she makes an excellent recovery and is home just as soon as possible.


It is unsettling when my kids ask questions like that. I'm always terrified I'll say the wrong thing or not answer well enough. I think you did a good job. I've tried to think what I would say to my 7 year old. I think the only thing I might try to add is that, when people suffer or are hurt, good can still come from it. Just like Jesus suffered for us, we can be like Jesus. We can suffer for others. And then I'd try to think of someone she knows who is in trouble or sick or sad or lonely or something and try to explain how she could give her pain to Jesus for them. And say that sometimes God lets people get sick or hurt so that they can be like Jesus and with Jesus in helping someone else. You of course know your daughter best and if she might be ready for such an answer, but I think my 7 year old could at least partially grasp that and maybe give some meaning to her pain.


Katherine, yeah, I thought of that part later (the redemptive meaning of suffering) but by then the moment had passed.

Maybe we will talk about it later when she is all done with this.

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