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14 October 2013


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Thank goodness she is okay! That little appendix can be so scary.

I am much the same way emotionally. I like to pretend I have it all together, but I don't.


Wow. So glad she is okay!! What a scary weekend!


I'll be praying for you all.

I noticed that when I was the well-children caregiver while my dh stayed in ER/peds... everything else sort of stoppped, and it took immense amounts of concentration to do the mundane but needed things and try to keep worried sibs distracted. It seemed the "real action" was down the road, and we were all just...waiting breathlessly.

Btw, thanks for putting the current end first - made it easier to read the middle instead of skimming.


Oh, no, how scary! Will be praying for all of you.


I had a random thought pop into my head about the whole medical situation.

How's your milk supply these days? Because if you have enough to pump, it would probably be a good ingredient to add to smoothies when the young patient comes home to help reestablish her gut.

Just throwing it out there.


I don't think there is much there. I am pretty sure my almost 4yo is totally weaned.

But, good idea.


Wow, we'll pray for your dd. You hit it right on the mark when you said, "It (our mother's heart) barely suffers, while there are things to be done."
5 years ago our dd had a serious health scare that lasted months. I could talk about it almost matter of factly at times, answering questions, etc. When things got quiet, I was attending to anyone else's needs, or when I was sitting at her bedside watching her agony... I would cry, hard. To this day there are times I will tear up when I tell people what went on. Glad to see it in writing, 'cause when it's happening and you move through the motions almost unfeeling...it can make you feel like a rotten mom. But you're right, when things slow down - it gets hard. I needed to hear that today. Peace

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