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16 October 2013


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Still praying for you, and for her, and for your whole family and her care team. So glad to hear things are going well so far.


I know exactly which episode! And there was different one in the later seasons. I didn't give them a second thought when I watched them, but fifteen years later, panic.

Not only is the all-night diner not there, if it were, the hospital would have bought them out years ago because no way are they going to let all that food revenue go to a private business without getting a cut. Then it would be subject to the service employees union and close at 8, just like the cafeteria.

As a hospital employee, I can tell you that people work really hard to make the children's hospital a top notch experience. I think it is some visceral feeling that if there is a sick child, the hospital must make it as good as it can be. Not that they don't care about the regular hospital, but the children's hospital elicits a special urgency.

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