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25 November 2013


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#3. Yes. I get up (with a great deal of effort and grunting and assistance) and I have to stand a moment and wonder if my joints are going to carry me this time. And when they do carry me, it's very reluctantly. I have to limp and waddle until everything decides to work in sync. My guess is that this is a consequence of multiple pregnancies -- the body starts loosening up earlier and we all walk like drunken idiots. In my case, it may also reflect a 50 lb. weight gain.

Emily J

Suddenly I have a craving for salty liverwurst.

Christy P.

If the pelvic instability/pain continues you might consider physical therapy. You might have actually slipped a joint out of its place, and if it is stuck then getting it back into place yourself can be difficult. Look for someone who specializes in women's health and ask if they do manual alignment on pregnant women. Not everyone will.


I'd like to request the post on natural childbirth, because I am now at 38+4, and last time time I had an intervention-heavy delivery at 38+5 due to PROM (not PPROM), so I am fretting.

This is only my second pregnancy, and I weigh less now than I did at this point last time, in spite of starting a few kg heavier, yet the skeletomuscular problems have been crazy. I have ileopsoas pain even when not pg, and besides taking magnesium I do lunge stretches for them, which I got when I went to physical therapy. This is down on one knee, with the other foot in front of you on the floor so the upper knee is at a right angle, legs aligned at hip width. While keeping the trunk upright, lean the hips forward so the upper knee comes over the foot. You should feel a stretch in the front of the hip that is open, although I can sometimes feel it in the small of my back, too. I haven't been that great about doing these recently and I've been sitting a lot more than I usually do, and I can really feel the difference in a bad way.


#5. Oh. Yeah. I'm 11 weeks right now, and I had this cruel dream at 6 weeks that I gave birth (at 6 weeks) to a full-term, healthy baby. I was surprised, and realized the kids would be, too, when they got home from wherever they were in dreamland, because they didn't know I was pregnant yet. But I think it's just mean for me to have a dream like that when morning sickness is just starting. 6 weeks' full-term gestation sounds pretty darn good. In previous pregnancies I've had the fantasy labor dreams, too. Wishful thinking. Sigh.

#3. Last pregnancy I had back pain for the first time ever during pregnancy and it was not good. I did the Perfect Pregnancy Belly Dance workout, and it took care of the back pain every time. I don't know if it would work with what you're experiencing, but it might be worth a try. I felt pretty silly, and I didn't let ANYONE in the room with me when I was doing it, but it helped and so I'd do it.


"The drunk staggering for the first ten steps after I get up out of bed or a chair..."

I had this with my third pregnancy and it was agony, but it resolved after delivery. The memory of it sent me to a chiropractor during pregnancy #4 when I started to get uncomfortable. He gave me some easy exercises to do to tighten up my hip muscles. It never got as bad as it did with the previous pregnancy, but, now that I am approaching six months postpartum, it still has not resolved either. I still stumble around like a drunken sailor every time I start to walk after sitting or sleeping.

I am a trying to do the exercises several times a day at work, but there really isn't enough room. I'm like an animal at the zoo. Take four steps this way, turn around, take four steps that way, repeat. I'm afraid I may need a full blown exercise regime which I absolutely do not have time to do. Right now I am about 5 pounds above my conception weight and about 8-10 pounds over my ideal weight, so it isn't really extra weight causing the problem. I am just broken. I also ponder if hip replacement surgery is in my future.


Erin, I was thinking back to your request for a "what's new in the last 3-4 yrs on the pregnancy scene" update book. Lately I've been wishing for a "how to exercise and eat as a grand multipara /multipara over 35 (makes me of advanced age, right?)." It's really annoying going to the library to find some exercises, since my Prenatal Pilates is mysteriously not in the case now that I want it, and having to wade through pages and pages on prenatal testing, "your baby is this big, doing this" and "is it really OK to ____?" when I just don't need that stuff. What I do need is some more specific exercises for the "hooray, we know these pregnancy hormones, your hips are nice and loose already at 4mo, your pubic symphesis lets you know when you sit longer than you should, and your belly pops before the nausea even subsides!" body. Yes yes yes to the staggers (and thank you for the website full of potentially helpful exercises). I have resurrected my birth ball for longer sitting, but need to fix a leak - nothing like practicing a low (and lower) squat because your birth ball is dying beneath you :)

I had a dream a month or two back (so around halfway) that I was in early labor but things didn't seem to be moving. Baby wasn't moving down like I expected, and I felt my belly and realized he was lying transverse. So with a little attention and a lot of care, I gave myself an external version (!!) and within minutes was pushing a lovely baby boy into the world. We named him and everything (can't remember what). It was very much a "Powerful pushing woman" sort of dream :)

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