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07 December 2013


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Oh how wonderful! Prayers for all of you! My twins are 3.5 months now, but we didn't know that there were two of them until a month before my due date, two weeks before they were born. Twins are so crazy, and so sweet, and so much work. She is blessed to have you. Welcome, H, to the twin mom club!


Oh my! Lots of babies, and lots of arms to hold them, too. But oh my goodness, when you have three two year olds... That'll be exciting! I will keep H and family in my prayers.

Barbara C.

Congrats to H! You all are so blessed to have each other and your families are blessed to have each other.

You all have a village of support, and if formal schooling needs to go on the back burner or to bare minimum mode for even three or four months I have no doubt that all your kids will be ahead of the curve.


Ha, awesome! Unit in early childhood development/education for the teens? Wow! Congratulations.

Deanna M

This is such wonderful news!!! Praying for all of your families as you add three more. Please give our best to H.


Oh hey Deanna! Great to hear from you! And thanks for the well wishes :)


My sister just had a twin 'scare'. Her doctor thought her uterus felt unusually large for dates and sent her in for an early ultrasound to see what was happening. My brother-in-law is an identical twin so we have teased her for years about the possibility. Turns out to just be a big baby. Bummer! I was disappointed. She wasn't. :)

Christy P.

I have been thinking about how you may wind up modifying the co-school, and it struck me that you may wind up with something more like the Block Model used at Colorado College. http://www.coloradocollege.edu/basics/blockplan/

Basically they take one class at a time.
Someday when you may need to describe it to the board of education or on a college app, it might be handy to know that it's a real thing.


Huh -- You know, Christy, I could see that really working in a homeschool (say for high school). It would depend on the kid for sure. I don't think you could just do one thing at a time -- I would be concerned about losing skills in, say, math, music performance, and foreign language if you weren't following those things continuously. But the "subject" kinds of courses (English literature, American history, natural sciences) could very easily be "blocked" like that and taken one at a time. So, maybe, math and foreign language truck along continuously, but intensive work on the other subjects just one or two at a time.)

I'll have to think about that!

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