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05 December 2013


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People wonder, though. I wondered. I didn't want to have to be responsible for it because I knew it wouldn't get cleaned for weeks.

Although in my experience, the midwife cleans up the first, big mess. The secondary mess of the first 24 hours was all on us (which didn't get cleaned for weeks).



Isn't it funny how this is the biggest looming question in everyone's mind?

Amy F

I always got a kick out of how many people got hung up on that too. Although that was faster and easier to explain than when people were worried about safety.


I've been pondering it and I think I know why everyone asks this question. If all your experience with childbirth involves a doctor and hospital here is what you know:

1) All the supplies are prepped and arranged by hospital techs.

2) The nurses may help you physically and fetch stuff for you, but they do not clean beyond a random wipe up and putting soiled linens in the hamper.

3) The doctor does nothing in regards to prep or cleaning and may or may not require assistance in putting on his gloves.

4) When all is said and done, this magical crew called housekeeping arrives. They strip and remake the bed. They mop the floor and clean the bathroom. They empty the trash and empty the hampers. Fresh, clean supplies reappear and then they are gone. The medical personnel are nowhere around while the magic happens.

Now you turn your thoughts to homebirth and think:

1) I am the one buying, prepping, and arranging supplies.

2) Midwife and her assistant are the nurses.

3) Doctor won't be there.



That might be the answer, Jenny.

I sometimes think I need to design a tee shirt version of this FAQ (maternity of course) but design is not my forte.

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