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15 December 2013


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Hang in there Erin. I think you are correct about what likely happened. try to rest even without sleeping. You are in the homestretch now. It will all work out in God's plan.


I always have some contraction disruption at about 35 weeks. Not enough for me to think I'm in labor, but enough for me to think I might need to keep an eye on it. It has never occurred to me that it might be the baby dropping. Being short and short-waisted I have always joked that the baby never drops because there is nowhere left for him to go.

I hope these last few weeks pass by quickly for you.


I often think the hardest part about being a midwife is all the middle of the night calls and births! I've only managed to have one pregnancy/birth without having to wake my midwife at some point. I hope you were able to get a nap and that things have stayed settled down.

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