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10 December 2013


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Amy F

"But if you give birth in the hospital, who will make all the frozen herbal compresses?"

One of my favorite moments of my little sister's first pregnancy this spring was when she told me she'd been making herbal compresses because her college roommate's sister suggested it. She might have been aware of the compresses Dan and I made during my pregnancies, but childbearing wasn't in her immediate future during those times. I recommended all sorts of things during her pregnancy while trying to hold back and be respectful and let her find her own way. Telling her to make compresses fell into the "way too hippie to even consider mentioning" category. Yet when a friend's sister suggested it, she jumped on the idea. I love when she reaches the same conclusions as me.

As an aside, we had remarkably similar first labors, with 4 days of prodromal, post-dates labor and then a long day in active labor. 9 years past, I'd started to wonder if I did something wrong that caused that labor to be so slow (despite a homebirth with chiropractor in attendance). Watching her live through it too helped me stop some of those what-ifs.


"But if you give birth in the hospital, who will make all the frozen herbal compresses?"

Nobody! And good luck getting more than one ice pack.

Although in my experience, my labor was so fast, my frozen herbal compresses weren't. I'd asked about pre-making them, but the midwife assistant (who made them) seemed confident they'd be ready and frozen in time during the course of labor. Not so much. Of course it didn't help she spent most of my labor running all over town looking for gloves.

Barbara C.

In the hospital they basically take newborn diapers, somehow cut them open, and stuff them with ice. You can also get witch hazel pads to stick on top, or just stick on top of your maxi pad once you don't need ice packs anymore.

The hospital where I had the last four babies have wonderful nurses and aids that usually respond really quickly when you ask for a fresh ice pack.


You don't have to cut the diapers/granny pads open. You just pour water or your therapeutic nether beverage of choice onto it and pop the whole thing in the freezer.


Laughing at "therapeutic nether beverage."

Wonder what that word looks like in German.

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