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16 December 2013


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Hannah V Powers

Oh, funny! Katy has been my body-fix guru for three years or so! I definitely recommend any and all of her stuff. That hip-opening stretch I showed you is one of hers.


I am really enjoying these links! So much to learn and think about from the alignment one in particular. Mama Sweat is quite encouraging too. I'd love to see any other outdoor/fitness w/ a family thrown in blogs... My husband found one where the writer posted about hikes and even a backpacking trip with little ones, but he doesn't post often in that vein.

I've been reading Mama Sweat archives this morning, which is perhaps a little goofy considering I'm 3 weeks postpartum and trying to get over a tenacious chest cold. Even though my body is so not up for it, my brain is so ready to get moving again!


Very interesting, and I'd like to learn more. One warning, though - I wanted to try one of the hips alignment snacks, and it has instead been an exercise in frustrating incompatibility.... With Katy's help, I've (maybe) cleared the "zip file won't unzip because it appears to be ~300MB of empty" hurdle, only to land me with an mp4 that won't play on *any* of my players. We'll see if it can be resolved. My cranky hips hope so :)

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