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01 January 2014


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"Even though it is completely normal, it never fails to surprise us. I used to think that the surprise came from our cultural tendency to keep birth hidden away in hospitals, controlled by drugs and machines, and all that"

I've been thinking about this bit. I have had three hospital births and one homebirth and, at least for me, I have found that the homebirth increases the surprise and wonder.

When you go to the hospital there is some sense that the hospital is giving you the baby. Yes, you labor and deliver, but you go through the standard protocols and it seems that the hospital only grants you custody upon discharge. Kinda like qualifying for a mortgage. Not really, but definitely a non-organic process.

After this last birth at home, I sometimes find myself sitting in my room holding the baby and marveling. She came from me in this very room. We are sitting exactly where I first saw her. It boggles my mind.

Not that I didn't wonder at and adore the others; I did. It's just to be able sit and contemplate her where she began in every sense is awe-inspiring. I never thought it would make that big of a difference, but for me, it does. Of course I may just be getting old and sappy; that's a definite possibility.


During a period last week when I was mentally preparing for the possibility of a hospital induction, I tried to look on the bright side and thought a lot that the hospital would "give me my baby now."

I think part of me was hoping I could somehow get around the labor part. Not my usual pattern! But I was feeling very powerless.


I am glad you didn't end up in the hospital. It would have been a real shock to your system. It is pretty easy to get steamrolled by hospital protocol especially if you aren't feeling 100% confident about the situation.

Amy F

Did you have a date past which you needed to get before a homebirth was okay? Or was your midwife flexible depending on the circumstances? I seem to recall even my non-licensed CPM being unwilling to attend births before 37 weeks, but your edd seemed fuzzy.


Typically it is 37 weeks, but I had some special circumstances that made us all judge it was a better idea to deliver at home if I could get to 36 weeks (which I did). For example, a history of large and vigorous babies, proximity to the NICU, and also a history of somewhat precipitous labor. In weather like this (record cold temps) nobody wanted to take the slightest chance of delivering in the car on the way to the hospital, but I was also too early to be comfortable with hospital induction as a means of avoiding that.

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