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13 January 2014


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Sweet picture.

I think grand multiparas should be able to sign their names with it like an MBA: Bearing; GMP. If I ever get there, I am going to want a medal.

Your fears were not silly! I gasped when I read your water was broken just now and I have benefit of knowing everything is fine. I would have been sick with worry. And I'm sure you were. But a two hour active labor isn't bad. Have you had one that quickly before?

Tiredness. I'll bet it is a combination of your age and the pre-labor stress. Have you checked your iron? After M was born, I was exhausted for weeks for no real good reason. I wrote it off to hard labor and age, but it took me by surprise.

The former nursling who has forgotten how to nurse. Sigh. Bittersweet. I've only had one ask to nurse again after weaning once. I would have let him except we were with my grandma, who generally frowns on nursing anyway, and she would have had a lot to say about nursing a 2.5 year old, so I told him we would talk about it later. He never brought it up again. Sigh.

Nursing through voice command. It seems he has an early understanding of this technological age.

I have just now gotten back into my regular clothes after seven months. I never quite believe I will be that small again until I am actually putting the clothes on. It seems impossible until it doesn't.

I don't generally drink beer, but I have also heard that Guinness is a galactagogue. I affirm you in your beverage of choice.


There should be a lapel pin fr grand multiparas. Maybe I should get a medal! Who's a saint who had exactly 5 babies? I thought Jane Frances de Chantal, but she had 4; then I thought ZĂ©lie Martin, but while 5 survived infancy, she gave birth to 9.

(ADDED: after some googling, the only one I can find is Elizabeth Ann Seton.)

It was really 3 h of active labor, but we counted contractions for an hour before we were sure. It was the fastest labor I have had, but the time before that it took me longer to realize it, and we cut it pretty close on calling the midwives, and the one who had farther to drive didn't make it, I was determined not to make that mistake again!


Aw, the bird mouth! I see that a lot here, especially when he's wanting to nurse in the middle of the night. I don't know if he's just groggy then (though actually, he looks bright-eyed and and wide awake), but he'll just nuzzle and purse his lips and then look at me like, "Ha ha, Mom! I love you!" and then he latches on and conks out.

Is that one of your new tops in the photo? I like it.


Having to wait through broken water sounds very stressful/scary to me. Especially with the potential cascade of medical interventions just waiting in the wings.... Glad the fears seem silly now in the splendid blaze of reality :)

My first nursling had her fist in her mouth a lot before birth, I think (born with one fist next to her head) and she disdained the nipple for several days - I'd get it in her mouth, and she'd spit it right back out with a, "that's NOT what I'm looking for" reaction. SO frustrating.... But she wasn't trying voice command - just looking for the knobbly nipple with more structure and ... well, bone to it, I think.


MrsD, this is one of the few older tops I have that fits well (and it won't for much longer, I hope.) It's made by Boob Nursingwear, one of my favorite labels. I can never find it in the US and usually have to order it from places in Canada. Got a really cute nursing dress from them that I can't wait to wear... This one in the raspberry color


The tee shirt is like this one, only I can only find solid colors now



PROM is no fun (mine was with the classic interventions cascade and ended with ventouse a few minutes shy of an emergency CS, floppy baby included). Having now tried both, spontaneous labor is way better!

I was curious about the galactogogic qualities of guiness after you wrote that, so I googled it. It appears to have a healthy anecdotal following, HOWEVER, one site with a more scientific bent claimed that mothers who pump, and therefore have a quantitative rather than qualitative method (ie, not breast fullness or length of nursing session, which could be explained by alcohol's anti-let-down effect), pumped more milk in sheer volume the day after a guiness. Cheers. (If I hadn't found that I wouldn't have said anything!)

My first chomped on, this one is so lazy, she lies there and licks the nipple until things are spraying, then sort of sucks it in. If she didn't weigh 5 kg already and flood diapers I'd be worried. I put a muslin/flat diaper over her bottom shoulder and under her cheek before I put her in position, that way the milk doesn't get on her or my clothes.


I wonder if Guinness hits the sweet spot since it isn't actually all that high in alcohol content. But it's very high in "damn that beer is just what I needed."

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