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23 February 2014


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"A half cup of plain yogurt"

Would that be full fat yogurt? :)

This might be bizarre, but one of the things I look forward to after pregnancy is feeling pleasantly hungry again. After being so nauseous as to require constant eating and then having so much baby smooshing everything so that I feel full after only eating a little bit (and then have to eat again two hours later), I love the feeling of being actually really hungry again without the horrible side effects.


Yes, of course, full fat.

I sometimes wind up with lowfat yogurt in the house because the kids ask for a particular flavor that can only be had in low-fat yogurt, but that's it!

I know exactly what you mean about being pleasantly hungry again. Pregnancy hungry gets felt in the brain, which is yucky!

Christy P.

It amuses me that you are concerned about the accuracy of your drivers license.


heh. I saved my old 160-lb one in my wallet as a motivational tool and have carried it along with my current one for years now. I *would* like my next DL to look significantly different from the old one.

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