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18 February 2014


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I like (love?!) the looping. I think I actually already sort of do this in an intuitive way, but it's nice to see it laid out.

It's always fun to see people's handwriting when you know them either by text and/or voice. (Your handwriting is not at all what I'd expect!)


In my handwriting's defense, I was nursing AND pumping at the time. As I am right this minute while typing comments.


You have three arms?!


I love the idea of using an index card for the list. I use a whole sheet of paper for it and always feel compelled to write more and more and more. I'll use the list over multiple days which only lends to a feeling of futileness.


I wish I had three arms sometimes! The baby was balanced on my knee (ankle crossed across other knee and foot up on a stool), left hand was typing, right hand managing the pump. :-)

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