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21 February 2014


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Oh, Wunderlist, how do I love thee?

Wunderlist is good for the master list. Two things I keep on there that I'm not sure I could live without are household maintenance and gift lists.

Since you can assign a due date your items, I have a list of the infrequently occurring items that are tied pretty closely to a date. I give them a due date and then they pop up when I am supposed to remember. Things like rotating your mattress or car tires or changing the air filters or the yearly HVAC inspection. I NEVER have to wonder after I add them.

The other thing is the gift lists. Every household member has a list with his name. When I, over the course of time, think of something the person might need or want, I put it on the list. I have my own list. Then when a gift-giving occasion comes, Ta-Da: the list!

"My thirteen-year-old is really the only one who can reliably be sent to do something"

Really? Sigh. I really have to wait that long? I get so frustrated because I know I ask the children to complete tasks without supervision when I know it is marginal that they even have the physiological to do it without distraction. And then I yell at them for not doing it. I know it is futile, but I don't know what else to do since I can't be two places at once.


Resting bitchface is not a good look on anyone!

It does not bother me to roll things over when making a new all-the-things list, which is the only kind I have (except a things to sew/knit list, so I don't forget, but that one is much more long-term). The rollovers rise to the top of the list and eventually I get tired of seeing them and take care of it. If I have something time sensitive I put it on my calendar, with warnings beforehand if necessary, like getting labs done the week before I go to the endocrinologist for example.

I've noticed that my 2yo is less obnoxious if she gets some non-multitasking time with me. I guess that would be the in/famous quality time..?


"I really have to wait that long?"

Depends on the kid. My reliable 13-y-o was reliable when he was 9 or 10. My current 10-y-o is extremely easily distracted from anything he didn't personally choose to do. He's about on par with his 7yo sister for that, so I treat them pretty much the same...

I do that expecting-too-much=then-yelling cycle too. Constantly striving to get better.


My 8.5yo and 6yo are about on par with dependability on nonchosen tasks with the 6yo being probably more reliable. The difference between them is that when they choose the task, the 8yo is much more likely to get it done before wandering off to something else. So I know she can do it, but aaaahhhhh!!!!

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